CONTACT of Northern Illinois Offers Free, Confidential Helpline and Resource Directory

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — CONTACT of Northern Illinois, a United Way of Northwest Illinois partner agency, has become a central access point for people in need in Stephenson County. During times of personal crisis or community disaster, the free, confidential helpline and resource directory make it easier for residents to get connected to information and referral in addition to continuing to be our confidential crisis hotline.

At this time, and to assist with personal needs of those who are unable to leave their homes, CONTACT is the point of referral for anyone needing volunteer services that includes medication pick-up or grocery pick up.

Calls to CONTACT regarding volunteer assistance and for information and referral are encouraged. Just as with the flooding, CONTACT will take your information and refer you to the service that best suits your need.

At this time we realize that many in our community are being impacted financially by the limits being placed on us by the COVID-19 response. Due to the many recent disasters we have faced in our region, financial assistance is severely limited. If you are seeking workplace financial assistance related to the COVID-19 response, please check with the local IDES office for eligibility. Additionally, many businesses such as ComEd, NICOR Gas, Mediacom, Comcast etc are working with customers to meet their needs, please contact them directly should you have questions regarding any financial hardships related to their services.

If you have questions specific to the virus, please refer to the resources provided by our local Health Departments, healthcare providers as well as the Illinois Department of Public Health and the CDC. The IDPH has a 24 hotline available to answer questions specific to the Virus. 1-800-889-3931.

We recognize that this is unchartered territory for each of us, and this is an ever changing landscape as we take direction from our Healthcare Leaders. The health and safety of our community is of utmost importance to us at United Way of Northwest Illinois, and we will do what we can to support the needs of our community. If you are able to help support the needs in our community, we are accepting funds through United Way. Many Partner agencies are meeting the basic needs of individuals and are struggling to be able to answer the call to these additional crisis’. If you are able to donate, please give through


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