Freeport Makes Toilet Paper – Now They’re Giving Some Of It Away

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — You probably did not realize this but that toilet paper you hold in your hand right now might have been made in Freeport, Illinois. And over the past two weeks, Malcolm Eaton Enterprises who makes that toilet paper, has been working very hard to keep up with the surge in demand for Spirit bathroom tissue.

“We have done our best to supply not only our retail customers, but also the many companies, organizations and municipalities across the state who rely on Spirit for their daily needs”, the company said on their Facebook page.

During the process of making bathroom tissue, the company says they are left with tissue end-rolls.

“These are the ends of tissue logs that are cut off during production. Typically, we recycle these end-rolls so that they can be made into other paper goods. However, given the shortages in our community, we want to make these end rolls available to people in need free of charge.”

Yep, FREE toilet paper.

Malcolm Eaton says the end rolls will be from different product lines and may be either one or two-ply. They will be in various widths and sizes too. The company said they are made using the same process as their retail and commercial paper, and are perfectly safe to use (they just look funny).

“We will be bagging up these end rolls and making them available for pickup at Malcolm Eaton Enterprises, 570 West Lamm Road, Freeport, IL on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00-2:00.”

This program will be begin on Tuesday, March 24.

Malcolm Eaton Enterprises says they will make end rolls available for as long as they have them.

“We are not placing a limit on these bags, but we ask that you consider of the needs of others and take only what you need. These are difficult times, but we are confident that we will make it through if we all help one another. Please consider Spirit for your next bathroom tissue purchase.”

Malcolm Eaton Enterprises thanks Cub Foods for donating the bags the company will use to package the end rolls.

Malcolm Eaton Enterprises says they will make end rolls available for as long as they have them



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