Freeport Police To Place Officers At Flooded Road Closure Barricades

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — With another repeat water disaster hitting Freeport now as we write this, the Freeport Police Department is letting the public know ahead of time that officers will be place at barricades, ready to write a citation to anyone who drives around them.

“As we prepare for what may be the highest flood levels since 1975, the Freeport Police Department is asking motorists to avoid the flooded areas and to not drive around barricades”, the department released in a statement.

“We will have officers monitoring these areas to ensure motorists are obeying the traffic control devices. Driving around or past barricades could result in a citation.”

Barricades are put in place to prevent motorists from navigating through dangerous areas that may cause damage to the vehicle, surrounding property and individuals.

As of now the areas deemed not accessible due to high waters include Henderson Road, Hancock Av and Stephenson St east of Honeywell.

You can view additional road closures in Stephenson County here.



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