Column: Help, I’ve Reached a Plateau, But Have You Really?

Losing weight can be full of ups and downs or neither of those things. People get stuck with the number on the scale, especially when the scale seems to get stuck at a number.

Truth is, reaching a plateau is a common complaint when trying to lose weight but is it really a plateau?

To figure that out, one needs to ask themselves a couple of questions. Am I working out the way I am supposed to and am I eating the way I’m supposed to? If you answer “no” to one or both of those questions, then you aren’t experiencing a true plateau.

A true plateau happens when a person is exercising regularly and in the way their trainer has instructed them and they are eating to match that work out as is suggested by their weight loss coach.

And then you have to consider the other numbers involved in the whole picture of weight loss.

There’s body fat percentage, fat weight, and lean weight. If those are going in the right direction, then you aren’t in a plateau either; no matter what the scale says. It’s very possible to lose fat weight and gain lean weight and the scale stays the same or *gasp* goes up.

If you are in a true plateau, then it’s time to change things up. It could be your body is tired of what you are feeding it. Or maybe your body is bored with what you’re doing to it exercise wise.
Your weight loss coach can help you with the food and your trainer can help you with your movement.
That’s what they are there for. Support, encouragement and teaching!

The staff at Freeport Health Club & Freeport Health Club+PLUS pride themselves in offering more than
just a place to work out and weigh in. They offer an amazing support system. They care. They’ve been
there and they understand. Need to talk about whatever? That’s okay, we’ll chat a bit. Need some ideas
to make it over a hump in your journey? We can talk about it! Let’s figure it out. Just feeling defeated and need a boost? FHC & FHC+ is the place to go to talk through it.

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Carol J Krupke
Freeport Health Club & Freeport Health Club+PLUS


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