Hey Freeport Woman In White Car Who Bought That Meal In McDonald’s Drive Thru – This Guy Says Thank You

Freeport, Illinois — Don’t look now but it appears we have a secret good Samaritan on the loose in Freeport. You know the type. These are the people who go around doing secret little good deeds for others and often, escape without anyone ever knowing who was behind their surprise pay it forward moment.

That’s just what happened the other day to one Freeport individual who says they were at the drive thru at McDonalds by Culvers, when a woman in front of them, in a white car, bought their food.

“Was at the drive through last week at McDonalds over by Culvers. Woman in front of me in a white car bought my food”, the person noted.

“She had a little girl in the back seat”, they added.

Thanks to the always nice and sometimes wacky folks at 97 ZOK, who apparently enjoy keeping an eye on Craigslist postings, we caught this attempt to say thank you by this local receiver of good.

The person noted in their Craigslist posting, “I didn’t get a chance to thank her and know it is a long shot she would be looking online here.”

So, we thought you know what, why not give it a shot.

Maybe together with the folks at 97 ZOK, along with all of our friendly viewers, this secret person who paid it forward can at least know for sure, that the person she helped that day is appreciative of what she did.

After all, paying it forward is all nice and everything, but it sure is better knowing that at least when you do pay it forward, people appreciate it.

So to you, person in the white car with your little girl in the backseat buying meals for people in drive-thru’s, looks like the individual you bought a meal for at McDonald’s that day would like to say thank you.

And while we’re all here, we’d like to say thank you too.

No, we’re probably not going to start keeping an eye on Craigslist to see what you might do next, but we sure do appreciate your act of kindness to someone in the city.

Good news, looks like they do too.


P.S. Thank you 97ZOK for trolling Craigslist so we don’t have to.



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