IDEA: 2017 Family Friendly Snowball Fight For Charity

Freeport, Illinois —  We were thinking the other day, actually wishing, that if we happen to get enough snow this year, we thought of having a huge family friendly snowball fight.

Maybe something at Krape Park, (or elsewhere) maybe we do it for charity (like everyone throws in a $1.00 or something) and we give to a place that helps children. Last man (or kid) standing wins a little something.

People could bring hot cocoa, snacks, maybe Santa could show up, (maybe a reindeer) etc…

Family friendly, kids against kids, kids and parents against other kids and parents, 20+ year old’s can duke it out away from others, etc…

It’s just a thought right now and of course, it’s weather permitting but it seems like it could be a lot of fun.

Some ideas;

  • Free for all (civil war style battle)
  • Parents and kids group.
  • Fastest snowball contest.
  • Hit the tree contest.
  • Hit the sledder contest. (willing sledders of course)

Other ideas;

  • The Fox and Goose game
  • No snow idea.
    Snowball races, and used skate boards for parent-kid teams to race each other. Could do the same thing with saucer sleds.

If we can get enough interest and others who can help, we’re in with putting it together.



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