Ignite Your Morning – Do You Have A Vision?

In the business world you will see that businesses, corporations, and non-profits alike have to have vision statements. In fact I remember when I was doing the paperwork to establish Ignite Church Freeport as a not for profit agency, part of the paperwork included working with my attorney on our vision statement.

The reason for said statement was so that all the decisions we make as a church will flow from that vision and purpose. Our vision statement is:

Ignite Church Freeport Exists to transform our region with the message of the Grace and Goodness of God by influencing the culture though encounters with God, Community relationships, unity and generosity.

I’d like to propose to you that you need a vision for your life. Something , just one succinct statement in which all the decisions in your life can flow from.

One of the biggest tools of the enemy, is to get you so busy running here and there that you cannot complete your destiny in your life. Having a vision that states why you exist will help you to keep from getting distracted from the bullseye of your life.

So what’s your vision?

Your vision is your dream.That is, how things would look if the issue that’s important to you (dream) was completely and perfectly addressed.

Right now I’d like to encourage you to let yourself dream with God, stir yourself up, write it out, and then put it somewhere where you will see it each day.

The Ignite Team

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