Ignite Your Morning – It’s Puzzling

Good morning! Want to start your day out with a powerful thought? I know I do! Here it is. Just two simple, but very profound words:

You matter.

No matter the circumstances under which you were born, you matter. Whether you were planned by your parents or maybe you were a surprise baby, you matter.

Whether you were born into privilege or poverty, regardless of what you have done or achieved or even how you look, no matter what, you matter.

You matter to God and you matter to your community and even as one person, you CAN make a difference!

A friend and I were talking this week and he talked about this illustration that he had once heard:

Think with me for a minute, of a beautiful 500 or so piece puzzle. Maybe it was of a mountain-scape or a majestic ocean with dolphins and whales tales coming up from it.

You put the entire puzzle together and it looks beautiful, gorgeous in fact! You enjoy that puzzle so much that you glue it down to a backing and put it up in your home.

Now in your mind’s eye, take just one piece out of it. How does it look now? Looks like something is missing, doesn’t it? Looks perhaps even incomplete, in fact, the hole sticks out like a sore thumb!

So it is with you. You were put here with a purpose and a destiny and only you can fill that destiny.  That hole in the big picture…it’s incomplete without you! .

The Ignite Team


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