Ignite Your Morning – What Are You Looking At?

Good morning! Can I tell you something? God made you with passions and desires that will drive you into your destiny.

Let me talk today a little bit about our little family here at Ignite Church and our core values. I think that you will find it to be something you, yourself can latch onto.

The first core value is “ We will be a church that always builds up and never tears down.”

Ok, do this with me.

Sit in a chair, turn your head to the right and look at something across the room from where you are sitting. Now stand up and start walking.

Where did you end up walking to? The place were you are looking right?


What ever you behold is what you will become and the place that you set your mind’s eye is what you will grow into. Have you ever heard the term “ I will never be like my dad?” I have. And what I’ve found is 20 years later that person is exactly like their dad. Why?

Well that’s because it’s what they focus on!

That’s why we have determined to focus on building people up and encouraging them. In other words , we look to find the gold inside each person.

You will find that as the focus becomes finding the treasure in yourself and in others rather than pointing out behavior, you will become more and more like what you are focusing on.

So let me ask you this. What can you do to behold the gold in yourself and in others today?

The Ignite Freeport Team. For more information, click this link here.


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