Ignite Your Morning – What lenses are you wearing?

Good morning to you! What a beautiful day it is!

How do you know that you ask? How do you know that it’s a beautiful day when you most certainly wrote this article before the day it was posted? Well, let me begin by giving an answer to that.

It is by choice that I wake up every morning and make it a beautiful day. It all has to do with perspective.

Perspective is like a pair of glasses you wear that either clarify or tint the way you look at the world. For me, by choice of my will, I choose to decide that today I will have a beautiful day.

Take for example the way I see Freeport.

When I look at Freeport I see a beautiful city full of rich history, family values, community togetherness and a small town atmosphere even though we aren’t really that small. We have more than 26,000 people, yet everyone seems to know each other.

When I look out over Freeport I see the destiny on our city and how it was created to be. I see a city coming together and growing together. This is a great town. And I choose to wear those lenses and have that perspective when I look at this city.

Far too often we magnify the negative, which diminishes the positive, when the truth is that there are way more positive things about our city and the families that live here than there are bad things and people who make bad choices, and I propose that if those “bad people” would know their identity, purpose, destiny and significant, well maybe they wouldn’t be so “bad” anymore.

I don’t know about you but the perspective lenses I wear, make me a happy and excited to serve my family, my community, and my church!

The Ignite Team


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