Ignite Your Morning – What Were You Thinking Anyway?

Good morning! Got your coffee yet?

Not me, I don’t like coffee at all! But I did grab some yummy breakfast and a good ole’ diet coke!

Here’s the thought of the day:  “Your life will go in the direction of your most dominant thought”.

So, I ask you this: What is the very first thing you set your mind upon today?

For me, before I even got out of bed I made a choice in my mind that today is a good day. If my life will go in the direction of my most dominant thought well why not make my very first thought to make up in my mind that today will be a great day!

What is your most dominant thought?

If you can discover this you will be able to see what direction you are walking toward. Not going in the direction you want to?

I’d encourage you to find a different dominate thought!

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