Larry Williams And Freeport Police Chief Todd Barkalow Open Lines of Communication With Local Parents

Freeport – Larry Williams, CEO and Chief Executive Officer of the Housing Authority of the City of Freeport would like to express his sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Freeport Police Department Chief and officers.


Because this past week there was a situation involving a young man that Mr. Williams knew and, a party that was scheduled which would have had drugs, alcohol, and potential violence. Due to the Chief reaching out to Mr. Williams and i turn Larry reaching out to the parents, the two were able to stop any party from taking place and – start an open line of communication with the parents involved.

Mr. Williams states, “Had the Chief not reached out to me and I not reached out to the parents, the party could have taken place with the potential of people being hurt, minors using drugs and alcohol“.

In light of all of the negative press surrounding police all over the country, it is important that we highlight the police that are doing their job to help keep their communities safe. Mr. Williams believes that it is imperative that we build relationships with our police officers because there are situations such as this that can be prevented. He states, “This is one strong reason why the Freeport Housing Authority deems it necessary to move forward with Conversations Over Pizza (COP), so relationships are being built between community members and police officers“.

A job well done to the Police Chief and the Freeport Police Department. Let’s continue to work together for a safer community.


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