Monetary Donations For Flood Relief

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — There has been an outpouring of support for our local communities affected by the March 2019 flooding in Stephenson County. The donation of time, food, and material goods from local residents and volunteer organizations has been incredible. However, the recovery process for many of us is far from over.

We have had many groups providing invaluable support to our community, but there are still unmet needs to be addressed. Often times we reach out to local, regional, and national organizations for assistance. Unfortunately, the increasing number of disasters occurring both locally and nation-wide has left some of our volunteer organizations stretched thin with few resources left.

At this time, we are seeking monetary donations that can be put toward unmet needs and recovery efforts in Stephenson County. Cash donations can have substantially greater impacts on disaster relief than material donations because it provides relief agencies the ability to purchase exactly what is needed, when it’s needed.

Those looking to place a monetary donation can find out more by calling CONTACT of Northern Illinois at 815-233-4357 (HELP). Any monetary donation, no matter how small, will be very much appreciated.


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