Never trust a facility who doesn’t have a pic of Arnold!

I think Freeport Health Club has about 6 pics of the Austrian Oak around, an indication of our old school, blue collar atmosphere. Although exercise has been around for very long time, it was Arnold (need I say his last name?) who brought everything into the limelight and spurred countless millions of people to exercise. So why wouldn’t we honor him? If he hadn’t broken the ground work, I for one may have stayed an iron worker, traveling around working on buildings & bridges. I’m sure one can argue that surely someone would have stepped forward and advanced the movement. But few would have his charisma, his charm and of course his physique.

I think we overthunk it.

Of course I’m being a bit facetious when I made the claim about having pic of Arnold in a facility. Fact is there are plenty of fine gyms and clubs across America who wouldn’t put Arnold up to save their poor little souls. But the gym industry has gone corporate now replacing what was once a proud business who put the customers needs before their own wallet fattening agendas. These days the bigger more successful ones are also the ones who are the greediest and the ones with the best line of crap. Look at a certain franchise, not in this market, who will kick you out if you so much as put any verbal effort into working out, all in the interest of being ahem Judgment Free. Can you say hypocrisy? Drop a dumbbell in their weight room and an alarm goes off and a staff member will warn you next time it happens, you will be shown the door. How can you be the best you can be and adhere to rules like this? If you walk up to a barbell for a max deadlift all passive, you probably wont budge it BUT if you get a fire in your eye and walk up there with attitude and let out a grunt you may just nail it.

I confess I cut my teeth in the days when mass monsters ruled the gym. If you couldn’t bench at least your weight, you grinded it out in you basement until you could, then you ventured out to a commercial gym. Now a days, I see young men barely old enough to have a beer, on You Tube benching half their weight and hi fiving like they just nailed 500LBS. Um ok whatever…..we have personal trainers in some facilities who pass online tests and presto they are trainers of champions! Reminds me when I was out of town a few years back and needed a quick workout so did the shopping mall gym thing, and a trainer walked out and told me to do cable curls to get bigger arms (I was doing much more effective barbell curls) Are you kidding me? A guy with 14 inch arms and a 40 inch waist telling me how to gain arm size? I was amused to put it mildly. But to his credit, he did ask me what he could do to make his arms look better, and I resisted the temptation to tell him to put on a long sleeve sweatshirt :)….but you see my point.

But whether your thing is free weights, machines, cardio training or weight loss we can help you! Our specialty are free weights as we have almost 4 ton in weight plates and dumbbells. We have atlas stones, chains, heavy dumbbells, all sorts of specialty bars, front squat attachments, bands and yes we allow chalk! We welcome hard training athletes as well as weekend warriors, weight loss clients and everyone else in between all in a No Fluff type atmosphere. Yes we allow socializing but expect you to be here mainly to work out your body not your mouth.

Give us a call for a free one week pass at 815-233-0066 or stop by. You’ll see why our product is different than any place around!

Bill Tillou Freeport Health Club


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