Order Freeport Little League Photos In May This Year? Here’s Why You Don’t Have Them

Freeport, Illinois — Chances are if your child has ever played ball in any Little League organization, one of the things you treasure from those times is having your child’s team or individual photo taken at the end of the year. If you ever played ball in Little League, you remember the team you played on, (always made up of a local business name) and those memories become a part of your life. Many parents, guardians and family members all gladly pay to have professional photos taken of their child’s team.

But what if the photos never come?

Seems that’s the dilemma our own Freeport Little League is facing this year, as a company out of Loves Park, Illinois who captured the memories of the kids in 2018 either couldn’t, didn’t, or just forgot to share them with league parents.


On July 16th Freeport Little League said, “We have been told by the vendor, Recognition Pros out of Loves Park, that we will receive the pictures by Friday, 7/20, or families will receive a full refund.”

Friday came and went when the league stated Saturday morning, “Our effort to contact him yesterday was unsuccessful.”

“We have not received them”, the league said. “We had pictures May 7th, 8th, and 9th. Our contract stated delivery within 4 weeks. He had initially told us June 18th. Then there was a virus at the lab he uses. Said the 25th of June. That came and went. Couldn’t get a hold of him. Then he said July 12th. Still nothing. Then told us he was going to send things to a different lab. And they’d guarantee 4-5 days which he said we’d have them the 20th or he’d issue refunds.”

As for those who ordered pictures the league says they are looking to see if there is enough interest from parents that still want pictures and if so, the league will seek out a local photographer to see if they’ll help out this year. As for Recognition Pros, the league says they just want the money back.

“They guy told us if we didn’t have the pictures in our hands by yesterday afternoon he’d start writing refund checks. I have asked him to issue refund checks to everyone that ordered them. He has agreed but had to order more business checks. He plans to have the checks by Wednesday, 7/25.”

That means the league is now without pictures of the kids this year and as of this article anyway, do not have the money paid for them either.

One parent told us, “I know myself I’ve gotten my sons pictures every year and this was his last year playing so I’m angry about it”.

We did not attempt to reach out to the company for comment.

The Freeport Little League address is 1160 West Empire St.. The phone is (815) 232-2498.


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