Pearl City Technowolves Head Back To State

PEARL CITY, ILLINOIS — The Pearl City Technowolves headed to the state-level Hopper Tournament on Sunday, January 20, 2019 held at Elgin Community College after advancing from a Rockford qualifier.

The team, made-up of students from 5th-8th grades includes Addy Bremmer, Jordan Johnson, Jacob Lieb, Miranda Posey, Jackson Corbin, Natalie Greene, Kendra Kuhlemeier, Xander Krolow, and Kayden Martin.

Pearl City Technowolves Kendra Kuhlemeier and Jordan Johnson wait to run robot missions on the table athe Hopper Tournament.

Judged in four categories (Project, Core Values, Robot Game, and Robot Design), the team brought home a first place award for Robot Design: Strategy and Innovation!

Pearl City Technowolves Jacob Lieb, Kayden Martin, Jackson Corbin, Xander Krolow, Natalie Green, Miranda Posey, Addy Bremmer, Jordan Johnson, Kendra Kuhlemeier

Working with the theme “Into Orbit,” students designed and programmed a small robot to complete missions on a large table and mat, adding attachments to that robot for moving, retrieving, and placing Lego-designed mission models.


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