Ready To Get Your Cheesy Mexican BLT On? UNIQUES Food Trailer UPDATE

Freeport, Illinois — July 6, 2017 — It had been a few months since we spoke with friend Carlos Luna. If you recall, Carlos is the man we met back in January of this year and — the owner of the UNIQUES Food Trailer that previously sat on the corner of Park Blvd and Galena Avenue.

His food trailer had just opened in November of 2016 and after the heartwarming public reaction, in February the city of Freeport shut his business down citing him for violations in not renewing his transient license. After working with city leaders, Carlos was back on track and set to re-open at a new location sometime in April.

uniques new location phk bicycles

That new location is PHK Bicycles & Skateboards.

When Pete Kanzler of PHK Bicycles heard about Carlos’s situation he reached out to us to get in contact with Carlos. After Carlos’s situation with the city, he wasn’t sure where he’d be able to go with his food trailer. Thanks to Pete’s generosity, Carlos and Pete worked out a deal to allow his business UNIQUES a spot within the PHK Bicycles & Skateboards complex directly across the street from our local Union Dairy.

Sometime in late April early May then we believe, Carlos moved his food trailer from the corner of Park Blvd and Galena to the new location on Adams in downtown Freeport. Since then Carlos has been saving his money and finalizing what he needs with the city, as best as he can.

Being July, we spoke with Carlos recently. We were happy to hear that he would be at the 2017 Sky Concert at the Stephenson County Fairgrounds with his food trailer this year.

_DSC0682 (Copy)

We met up with him at the end of the night and was quite pleased to hear him say he sold everything he brought with him to the fair that night.

As for opening, Carlos said he’s still about a month away, telling us he just recently was able to get the license and is now just waiting on the city to approve it.

He said he was told by the city it shouldn’t be but a month or less, and said he plans on being open sometime towards the end of July.




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