Real Estate Activities Continue Under “Stay at Home” Order

ILLINOIS —According to the Executive Order issued by Governor J.B. Pritzker on Friday , all individuals currently living within the State of Illinois are ordered to stay at home. All non-essential businesses must cease all activities, except Minimum Basic Operations. Public and private gatherings outside of homes are prohibited and places of amusement, like play centers, amusement parks, bowling alleys and movie theaters must remain closed for the duration of the Executive Order.

Illinois REALTORS® worked with the State of Illinois to ensure that real estate-related activities are specifically allowed to continue while the Executive Order is in effect.

Illinois residents subject to the Executive Order are permitted to leave their homes to perform “essential activities.” These include visits to doctor’s offices and pharmacies, as well as to veterinarians for a family pet. Residents may leave their homes to obtain necessary services or supplies, like groceries, consumer products, home office supplies and any product necessary to maintain the safety or operation of their home. The Executive Order permits residents of the state to continue using outdoor spaces, provided they adhere to social distancing guidelines, which are outlined in the Executive Order.

The Executive Order also expressly permits the continued operation of government services and work by government employees that work for or to support businesses that can operate under the Executive Order. This authority is critical to the continued functioning of services provided by county recorders, clerks and inspectors who often play a role in real estate transactions.

The Executive Order is aimed at preventing the further spread of COVID-19 in Illinois. With the help of Illinois REALTORS®, the measures implemented by the Executive Order will add to the safety of the community, while protecting an industry that is critical to the economy of the state and the nation.

The order begins at 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 21 and is scheduled to last until April 7, 2020.




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