The 2017 Christmas Lights Sightseeing Tour Master List

Freeport, Illinois — One of the most treasured parts of the Christmas season for many of us are certainly all the decorations people display around their homes and lawns. Everywhere you go, the darkness is lit up with the most colorful strings of lights and decorations imaginable. At some places, it’s like a full on show.

You know that every single display whether big or small was done because someone else also appreciates the sharing of the holidays with others.

Most of our viewers know how much we love the holiday lights. The lights put a smile on our faces and create the most amazing expressions on the faces of children of all ages. And as we drive down the streets in our city, the lights give off a feeling of magic and warmth we know that many others, feel the same way.

So with the help of our viewers, we’ve put together a master list of all the places to take a drive by this holiday season. While it doesn’t represent every home with lights or decorations, here is a list of the ones definitely worth putting on your holiday sightseeing tour list.

We would like to make this ongoing as well, so if you know of others anywhere within Stephenson County, feel free to tell us and we’ll add them to the list below.

The 2017 Christmas Lights Sightseeing Tour Master List
  • Walnut and Empire
  • Henderson Rd on the left side shortly before you get to Currier Rd. Breathtaking.
  • Farmdale Lane
  • Festival of Trees Luminary Night on Stephenson St. and Lincoln Blvd. (Sunday, December 17, 2017)
  • There is a really nice display on High Avenue
  • American St. right off of West
  • Locust St by the gas station on South St
  • Hillcrest Drive
  • 800 block of W Pleasant St.
  • Red Oak with Santa
  • The Mini North Pole – the house in Scioto Mills you can see glowing from 26
  • South Park Blvd (716 S Park)
  • Homestead Avenue on Christmas Eve, luminaries line the street
  • Stephenson Street
  • Lincoln Blvd.
  • Revere Street (the house with awesome Halloween decorations also has nice Christmas lights too)
  • Greenfield Drive from Pearl City Road all the way North into Cherokee Hills
  • Most of Cherokee Hills itself
  • Mesa Drive
  • The Christmas Apple (near downtown on Stephenson Street)
  • Chelsea Drive (heading towards Cedarville)
  • HillCrest Lane
  • Moseley St. by the High School
  • Evelyn St.
  • 207 Oak Terrace Ct in Lena
  • S. Center St. in Lena


  • Shannon (waiting to confirm location)

And as one person put it, it does not matter how big or small a display is, it’s about anyone who puts forth the effort and what a person or family feels about the season.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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