The Power of Presence… of You

What a great morning! For me, I write this at 3:30 a.m…too early! I couldn’t sleep because so much was on my heart! The thing that is really highlighted to me this week is the power of presence.

You know, we are always looking to experience God’s presence in our lives and that’s a good thing. Mostly because we were literally created for worship. Recognizing the Lord every moment is the best thing we can ever do.

But the powerful presence I am taking about in this moment is the presence of YOU!  It’s so funny, the very thing I feel weak at is one of the things that reaches my heart most powerfully.

Sometimes I wish I could be present in more than one place because there are so many people and things I want to be present for.


Because when people show up we feel loved. Showing up makes others know that they are a priority to you and that they matter in your life.

So I want to ask you this: In what ways can you be more present this week to the people that truly matter?


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