The Power of Presence

It’s so easy to get sucked into the negative, isn’t it? I had what I would consider a big life event recently that certain people who are super important to me didn’t show up for. It could have really hurt.  Actually, let’s not pretend, it did hurt.  But then I have to look once again at my perspective. What am I looking at?

I have a choice at this point to either be angry and bitter or I can stop myself and that negative voice in my head that loves to tell me I’m not valuable, good enough, I don’t measure up etc., and make a new choice. I have to focus on who DID come.

Truth be told, at that event, I can easily see that God aligned everything for us.  Where I was missing a family member God provided someone who stood in their stead.  There were some amazing people alongside me, rooting for us, encouraging us and making a bold statement of support just by their choice to say “I will show up.” People that drove 20 mins, or even an hour and a half just to be there. I don’t think there are truly words to express what that spoke to me.

Sometimes we need to see the bigger picture and look out amongst the crowd and see all the people that love us. This week I encourage you to take your eyes off of what’s lacking and set your eyes on what abundance you do have.

For me, I can truly say that there are some absolutely amazing people in my life and they matter.  Relationship matters and you showing up for relationship also matters.


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