Column: There’s Always a Box of Tissue on My Desk

“There’s always a box of tissue on my desk.” And for a good reason.

Weight loss in general, but more specifically, the attempt to lose weight or the reasons why a person needs to lose weight or how a person became overweight, can be a very emotional thing.

Maybe it’s a medical issue. Or a personal loss in life that led you to find comfort in over-eating. Maybe it’s because of an injury that caused you to be less active. Whatever the reason, most people aren’t happy when they’re heavier than what they want to be. There are some exceptions, no doubt. But when one’s health is compromised due to being heavy and the best way to feel better is to lose weight, usually it’s stressful and well, just not fun.


Knowing that you’re about to begin a journey that requires dedication and commitment can sometimes be overwhelming too, so it’s important to focus on the positives along the way. With every step of your journey there are victories; those sometimes small achievements that lead to the bigger goal. It could be anything from adding an extra minute on the treadmill to losing twenty pounds of the 100 you gained.

At Freeport Health Club+PLUS, we focus on those goals. Those steps that lead our members down the path of better health, increased strength and being happier. And our coaches have something a lot of other weight loss facilities don’t have. Empathy.

Our coaches know what it’s like to be overweight. We’ve felt the same emotions, cried the same tears and dealt with the same issues as our members. We make sure our members know our stories. And we have the photos to prove what we’ve gone through. We are on the same journey.

And we listen. Sometimes our coaching become somewhat like a therapy session and we’re okay with that. We hand out those tissues freely and sometimes use them ourselves.

If you are interested meeting with our coaches and learning more about Freeport Health Club+PLUS and our weight loss programs, give us a call. No pressure, just information.

815-233-0066, Ext 2 is the number.

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Carol J Krupke
For Freeport Health Club & Freeport Health Club+PLUS

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