World Record Holder And 5x Toughest Monster Truck Champion Dan Runte Drives BIGFOOT Again

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — There may not be a junior high or high school student alive from the 70’s and 80’s who doesn’t remember the gas station on the corner of Moseley and West by Read Park in Freeport, Illinois. There may not be many Freeport people at all who don’t remember. It was a fairly unspoken yet rather famous corner spot back in the day, and those who knew of it, and recall it, remember one thing.

The Monster truck.

It was home of the gigantic monster truck that sat on the corner of the shop /station that it was back in those days. Every so often you’d hear it start its engines and that raw sound coming from the coolest looking truck you ever laid eyes on, roared like nothing you’d ever seen or heard before.

Turns out it would be the birthplace of a Freeport kid made good, who’d go on to make quite a name for himself in the monster truck world. His name, Dan Runte and as it turns out this world record holder and 5 time Toughest Monster Truck Freeport Champion, is back in the drivers seat again.

The Toughest Monster Truck Tour announced earlier this month Runte will be filling in for regular driver Larry Swim for four shows, out for a knee injury. Two dates in Prescott Valley, Arizona and another two in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

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Runte told The Daily Courier the best part about driving Bigfoot are the fans, he said. He says many of whom he’ll run into again and again by going back to the same venues. He says a lot of the fans were the age he was or younger when he started driving and now they’re all adults who come to the events with their kids.

“The fans are just incredible,” Runte told The Daily Courier. “Bigfoot has a huge following.”

Runte will be in the driver’s seat for the first time since 2016. He’l be driving in the following Toughest Monster Truck Tour events.

– Prescott Valley, AZ – January 11 & 12, 2019
– Rio Rancho, NM-January 18 & 19


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