YouTube “Have A Seat Over There” Style Channel Aids In Creepy Freeport Bust

You probably have never seen any of their episodes.

It’s a YouTube channel called Worldwide Predator Hunters which is basically a guy named Jay who goes around, in Chris Hansen take a seat over there style fashion, trying to catch, trap and expose pedophiles.

Based out of the Madison area, Worldwide Predator Hunters has had missions in Lake Mills, Wi, Stoughton, Janesville and Maple Grove, Mn just to name a few. They have a little over 1,200 subscribers.

Turns out, Worldwide Predator Hunters may have caught a pedophile in Freeport.

WTVO reports that 27-year-old Dylan Keep was arrested Tuesday by Freeport Police after he allegedly attempted to meet a girl for sex that he thought was 15-years old. Worldwide Predator Hunters offered the tip.

Great news Keep was caught, but sadly, while Worldwide Predator Hunters does use video footage as evidence to get alleged pedophiles exposed and off the streets, (which they put on YouTube) it doesn’t appear they caught this particular Freeport bust on camera. They have filmed others though, like this one from seven months ago in Stoughton, Wi.

According to records Keep was charged with Unlawful Grooming and taken to the Stephenson County Jail. He was held on $10,000 bond, which means at 10%, Keep could bond out at $1,000.

Keep bonded out, and has since been released.

You can watch more fun and exciting Worldwide Predator Hunters episodes on their YouTube channel here.

Cover photo: A meme of Chris Hansen. Hansen has no affiliation with Freeport News Network, Today In The Port or Worldwide Predator Hunters.  Chris does have his own channel on YouTube called Have a Seat with Chris Hansen, which you can find here.

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