It’s No Sugar Wednesday In Illinois

Illinois —  According to the American Heart Association, residents in Illinois’ most vulnerable communities are experiencing catastrophic rates of chronic diseases such as stroke, diabetes, heart disease and some cancers – all of which are directly linked to the overconsumption of sugary drinks.

Sugary drinks are the number one source of added sugar in American diets. While there is no single solution to solving our current health crisis, reducing consumption of these drinks can kick-start a positive, lasting impact.

On Dec. 18 more than 100 churches across the state of Illinois mobilized their congregation to make the pledge to go sugarless for one day.

On this day, church communities raised awareness of the harmful effects of added sugar in their diets. The churches that participated represented more than 100,000 congregants across the state of Illinois with more than 60,000 members in the Chicagoland area, 20,000 in Rockford and more than 15,000 in East St. Louis.

For some communities, access to healthier food and drink options can be limited, but a brighter future can start by making one small change. Creating healthy communities one sugarless day at a time. This program called Sugarless Wednesday will take place every Wednesday from Jan. 4 through March 29.

However, sugarless does not mean sugar-free. Instead, it means no sugary drinks such as soda and artificial fruit juice and reducing the consumption of sugary desserts and snacks.

Noting that one 20 oz. soda contains more sugar than six glazed doughnuts, 18 cookies or two bags of chocolate candy, the American Heart Association is mobilizing communities across the state of Illinois to make incremental changes that lead to significant influence in their overall health.

You are invited to participate in the “Creating Healthy Communities” Sugarless Wednesday 2017 a program designed to inform and educate our communities,

The Sugarless Wednesday campaign starts January 4th, and goes through March 29th.

While it is targeted toward Illinois, anyone can partake!

If you’d like to pledge to go sugarless on Wednesdays, you can do that online by clicking here.


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