Crazy Black Friday Shopping Moments That Make The Rest of Us Glad We Stayed Home

The warnings are clear. “Working Black Friday last year was easily the craziest shift I’ve ever had.

The pain, real. “Just moments before the store opened, my manager handed me some Band-Aids and a couple of those ice packs that become cool after you snap them.

I was both confused and slightly terrified when she handed them to me. I asked my manager if she thought the associates were going to be needing the Band-Aids, to which she responded that they were for the customers. Believe it or not, they actually were used.

On the biggest shopping day of the year, normal everyday people turn into … well, something else.

Worked retail for 8 years. NEVER. AGAIN. I no longer like people and hate the holidays. I think everyone should have to work a year in retail, then maybe people would be nicer to each other. I won’t step foot in a store this time of the year.

The term “Black Friday” was first used by traffic-weary Philadelphia police officers in the early 1960s to describe the post-Thanksgiving shopping rush. However, a different explanation later arose as a way to associate Black Friday with something more positive. For the majority of the year, retailers generally operate at a financial loss, or “in the red.” Black Friday would be the point retailers begin to turn a profit, or operate “in the black.”

Some people see it as a wonderful time of year, since, in theory, they can just get all their holiday shopping done in one day. Some like to experience the rush of it all.

Here however, are some of those Black Friday 2016 moments when they are at their worst.



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