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Hi, my name is Greg.
I’m just an average every day person like the rest of us.
I’m a Dad, a Lover of life, a Lover of people and I care about the quality of life of people and of communities here in our region. I love my town.
I believe we live in a very different world today. A world where corporate has taken over. Greed. Selfishness.
Where big companies in small towns all across America lay off hundreds upon hundreds of local people, some with 20-30 years on the job. A world where “big box stores” move in and where family legacies die off.
Where opportunities for people in towns all across the country slowly disappear because jobs leave the area, go to the very advanced skilled, bigger cities, or worse, another country altogether. I also believe our educational system needs serious massive help.
We live in a world where very few people trust our government, even down to the local level and no one likes the money part of politics. 80% of the American People don’t even vote and good qualified people who would like to run, never will because of the way the “game” of politics is played, (or they don’t have enough money).
Corrupt politics, corporate greed, the jobs are leaving in droves and we have unemployment rates, poverty and crime out of control.  On the mountain top of it all preaching at you every single day of your life, is the scripted media machine that lives in the living rooms of virtually every single American household (and person) in the World.
The TV. The Media.
House fires, deaths, robberies, teachers getting arrested, students shooting up schools, terrorists, sex scandals, political arguing, prayer, the american flag, hating cops, hating black people, hating whites, fear and indoctrination, scripted excuses, bank bailouts, children getting arrested, and all while South Park and JackAss play in the background. (They tell us it’s what we want to watch.)
We all know these things. At backyard barbecues and in the living rooms across our community, our city and our nation we complain about it with our friends, co-workers and family.
I’m Greg – and I’m tired of it. So tired of it I’ve decided to dedicate the remainder of my life and all my experience and expertise to doing something about it. I need your help though.
Right now I”m reaching a little over 100,000 people and the audience is growing rapidly. Over 95% of what I’m filming and showcasing in the community and of our people isn’t paid for by anyone. I do not make one dime off it.
Some local businesses have shown their support through sponsorship’s, but local businesses can’t always be the one’s who bear the expense and I don’t want them to be the only ones. I am asking that the entire community pitch in and I am only asking after putting my biggest foot forward first.
I’m doing it.
If you have enjoyed this new refreshing look at our city, people and region, please consider helping the cause with small gift. $5.00, $10.00, $25.00 or more goes a long way to help sustain all the effort of time, costs and production to keep this positive focus on Freeport alive.
I have partnered with local businesses who are willing to offer special discounts for those who help the cause so your gift can easily be earned back through our local community and business support of this effort. A lot of time goes into keeping this alive. Please consider helping continue this new focus, this new fun approach, this new refreshing look at our city and people.
If you have enjoyed any broadcast, documentary or news piece, or even if you just appreciate the hard work and extensive effort being made to shine a bright light on this beautiful city of ours, help with a small gift today.

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Thank you in advance.
Yours in us and as a community,
Greg –

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