It’s National ‘Something on a Stick’ Day

Freeport News Network — Observed each year on March 28, National ‘Something on a Stick Day’ is a food holiday that lets you use your creative talents.  Who doesn’t love relaxed finger food that you can pick up by the stick and eat? So what comes on a stick?

Practically anything.

The first thing that comes to mind is Popsicles and fudgecicles. Hotdogs are poplar on a stick at campfires.

There’s also corndogs, and shrimp and many Chinese treats. Cocktail wieners and cheese are picked and eaten on a stick too.  You can also get just about anything on a stick when receiving food samples at a store or festival.

So whether it’s a toffee apple, camp-fire sausage, cheese cubes on a toothpick, ice cream bar, lollipop or other lovely treats, feel free to indulge in them on this day!

Happy “Something on a Stick” day.


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