Want Locally Grown Food? Here’s The 2016 Northwest Illinois Local Food Directory

Stephenson County Illinois –  We live in a time where there is a growing interest in wanting to know where our food comes from – and for good reason. More and more people are realizing the immense benefits to locally grown food to both the environment, their health and within the local economy. The buzz is on about local food.

Our present industrialized food system involving transporting food long distances is dependent energy and while demand for energy continues to grow, the price of food (and energy) will go even more “through the roof” than it is right now.

Processed foods are usually loaded with added sugar or worse, High Fructose Corn Syrup. Processed foods and beverages can be the biggest sources of added sugar in the diet and can lead to insulin resistance, high triglycerides, increased levels of the harmful cholesterol and increased fat accumulation in the liver and abdominal cavity.

Not surprisingly, sugar consumption is strongly associated with some of the world’s leading killers including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

In Stephenson County Illinois locally grown food is a priority. A group called the Northwest Illinois Local Foods Task Force launched an ongoing initiative to help increase consumers’ awareness of foods that are produced locally.

Identifying foods that are produced locally and available from restaurants, caterers, and retailers throughout the county, the group is working with food outlets to encourage the use of local foods and connect them with growers and producers who can supply their needs.

Locally grown produce is fresher and tastier.  Produce that is purchased in the supermarket often has been in transit or cold-stored for days or weeks, while produce from your local farmer’s market or farm-gate has often been picked within 24 hours of your purchase.

This freshness not only affects the taste of your food, but the nutritional value. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are often allowed longer to ripen, because they do not have to be “rugged” or to stand up to the rigors of shipping, and so can be handled less.

Eating local means supporting farmers and producers. By buying locally grown food you’ll be strengthening your community by investing your food dollar close to home. Only 18 cents of every dollar, when buying at a large supermarket, go to the grower. 82 cents go to various unnecessary middlemen. Cut them out of the picture and buy your food directly from your local farmer.

Buying local food keeps us in touch with the seasons.  By eating with the seasons, we are eating foods when they are at their most flavorsome, are the most abundant, and the least expensive.

Buying locally grown food allows us to know more of its story.  Whether it’s the farmer who brings local apples to market or the baker who makes local bread, knowing part of the story about your food is such a powerful part of enjoying a meal.

Your pocketbook and your town will thrive.

Below is a list of where you can buy locally grown food in Northern Illinois. The list is compiled by the Northwest Illinois Audubon Society and the University of Illinois Extension Stephenson County.

Northwest Illinois 2016 Local Food Directory

AJ’s Lena Maid Meats
Laverne & Marcia Pax, 500 W. Main Street, Lena, IL 61048. (815) 369-4522.
mpax@frontier.com Open Mon-Fri 7-5:30 pm, Sat 8-4 pm. We are a complete processing company with retail sales. A short drive for premium quality. Check us out on Facebook!

Apple Creek Apiaries
Terrence & Nancy Ingram, 8384 N. Broadway Rd., Apple River, IL 61001. (815) 594-2592.
Honey and beekeeping supplies.

Argo Acres
Dennis and Diane Etnyre, 16295 Argo Fay Route, Thomson, IL 61285, (815)259-2132.
argoacre@me.com. Farm stand opens daily July through Nov., except stand opens at 1:00 pm on Sat and closes at 3:00 pm on Wed while at Lyons Farmers Market in Clinton. Offering beans, tomatoes, sweet corn, raspberries and other vegetables. Like Argo Acres on Facebook

Arnold’s Farm
Tom & Jessica Arnold, 997 N. Salem Rd., Elizabeth, IL 61028. (815) 858-2407.
www.arnoldsfarm.com. arnoldfarm@juno.com Beef, pork, chicken, and turkey grown without hormones or antibiotics. Open at the farm by appointment, Galena Territory Farmers Market, Northern Illinois and Chicago area delivery service.

Barnharts Stone Corner Organic Farm Market
John Barnhart, 2169 Honey Creek Rd, Oregon, IL 61061 ((815) 761-0282. June – November.
Variety of vegetables and herbs, sorghum, molasses, honey, candles, popcorn, soap. Visit the farm or at the Oregon Farmers Market. www.barnhartsstonecornerorganicfarmmarket.com

Belly Fire Farm: Feeding the Soil, Body & Spirit
Danica Hoehn and Adolfo Parra, 7450 West Pines Rd, Mt. Morris, IL 61054 . (815) 916-9866
(Hablamos Espanol) www.bellyfirefarm.com
A small, bio-intensive, naturally-operated family farm. Free of pesticides & herbicides using non-GMO, heirloom and open-pollinated seeds. Vegetables, herbs, berries, eggs, balms and milk soap. 15-week CSA and Saturday on-farm sales. Dedicated volunteers welcome.

Berry Brook Farm
David & Barbara Schexnayder, 12305 N. Basswood Rd., Winslow, IL 61089. (815) 733-2000.
berrybrookfarm@mchsi.com. Grass fed/pastured beef; poultry and eggs.

Blarney Stone Popcorn
2 W. Market St. Shannon, IL 61078. (815) 864-2100 10-6 pm Tues-Sat.
blarneystonepopcorn@gmail.com. Popcorn, caramel corn, arts, and crafts.

Brightflower Nursery
Jeanie McKewan, 650 N. Stockton Rd., Stockton, IL 61085. (815) 947-2647
www.brightflowernursery.com. Certified organic herb and vegetable plants, cut flowers, herb and vegetable container gardens.

Buds Popcorn
Brad Cessna, Maple Park, IL www.budspopcorn.com 815-757-0184. Popcorn can be purchased at Pegs on Main – Maple Park, or in Sycamore at Hy-Vee, Country Store and Catering or the Sweet Earth.

Curran’s Apple Orchard

Pat Curran, 6385 Kilburn Ave (IL Rt. 70) Rockford, IL 61101. (815) 963-7848. Reduced spray.
Apples & raspberries; also cider, jams, & pumpkins. Awesome apple donuts & fresh baked pies.

Dawn An Dusk Farms,

Don and Jordin McLane, 3188 E Liebert Rd, Elizabeth, IL 61028 (815) 291-8594.
Selling lambs and goats to butcher.

Deuth Farm
12804 W. Goosehollow Rd., Polo, IL 61064. (815) 946-3234. Reduced antibiotics, pastured pork.

Dietrich Ranch
Bob and Donna Dietrich owners, Dan and Erin Dietrich producer/managers. 4575 N. Leaf River Rd.
Mt. Morris IL 61054. (815) 291-6259. dietrich_ranch@hotmail.com. Holistically managed farm producing 100% grass-fed beef, all natural, open range fed pork and chicken, and eggs produced from pastured hens. No antibiotics or growth hormones are used on any animal.

Fairhaven Fruit Farm
Thomas & Genevieve Nedbal, Fairhaven & Creamery Rds., Thomson, IL 61285. (815) 499-1856.
Apples, cider, honey, caramels & more. www.FairhavenFruitFarm.com.

Famous Fossil Vineyard & Winery
Ken & Pam Rosmann. 395 W Cedarville Rd, Freeport, IL 61032. (815) 563-4665.
Red, white, & fruit wines made at the winery using Illinois grapes. Open year round.
For hours, wine list, & events visit: www.famousfossilwinery.com.

FHS Student Farm and Orchard
1330 S Locust Ave, Freeport, IL 61032, 815-238-7105 monica.pierce@fsd145.org
Student-run farm with mixed vegetables, cut flowers, honey, and fruit. Weekly On-Farm Market Stand and CSA www.facebook.com/FreeportStudentfarm

Galena Garlic Company
Laszlo Marton, 311 S. Main St., Galena, IL 61036 or 318 W. State Street, Geneva, IL 61034.
(815) 777-9625. www.GalenaGarlic.com. Naturally grown gourmet garlic, gourmet chef blends, rubs and seasonings. World’s freshest Olive Oils in Balsamics. Call direct or order on line.

Geh Day Farms
Geh & Terry Schurecht, 17930B Scenic Bluff Rd., Mt. Carroll, IL 61053. (815) 244-2697.
bigcows@hughes.net. Hormone, antibiotic, and steroid free beef. Licensed by IL. By the piece, 1/4, 1/2 or whole.

Harbach’s Meats
6444 US Hwy. 20 West, Freeport, IL 61032. (815) 232-7807.
Beef & pork raised without hormones & antibiotics.

Howlett Hill Farm
Joyce Howlett, 994 N. Ridge Rd., Oregon, IL 61061. (815) 734-6648 or (815) 670-9832.
www.localharvest.org Heirloom tomatoes and vegetables. 24 hours farm stand or Sat mornings at Oregon Farmers Market at route 2 and 64 from 8 a.m. – noon (May to Sept

Irish Grove Farms Inc
Jackie Batista 9027 Best Rd, Pecatonica, IL 61063. (815) 742-6781. Jackie.de.batista@gmail.com
Pastured eggs & grass-finished beef raised on organically-managed pastures.

Irish Grove Farms Inc
Jackie Batista 9027 Best Rd, Pecatonica, IL 61063. (815) 742-6781. Jackie.de.batista@gmail.com
Pastured eggs & grass-finished beef raised on organically-managed pastures.

Ivan’s Farm Market 
10620 N. Baileyville Rd., Baileyville, IL 61007. (815) 938-3649. Farm stand from mid-July to mid November. Vegetables, apples, herbs, asparagus, pumpkins, & squash

Janice Kehl
10344 E. Schuler Rd., Stockton, IL 61085. (815) 947-2167.
Fruits, vegetables, walnuts, hickory nuts, and crafts

Jen’s Sunshine Farm
Jen Immel, 1774 S. Columbian Rd, Oregon, IL 61061. (815) 732-4030 jen@jensfarm.com or
website www.jensfarm.com Variety of fresh vegetables, muffins, bagels, baked goods and crafts.
Call for hours of operation or to place orders for baked goods.

Leaf River Honey
Allen Reed, 6327 N Mount Morris Rd, Leaf River, IL (815)-973-1615. LRHoney61047@aol.com .
Pure natural honey and beeswax candles.

Massbach Ridge Winery
8837 S. Massbach Rd., Elizabeth, IL 61028. (815) 291-6700. Estate grown, Award winning wines.
Open Daily year-round. Accessories and gifts also. www.massbachridge.com

Open Range Products
Kathy Spataro McGinty, P.O. Box 726, Pecatonica, Il. 61063. (815) 262-3563.
No antibiotics, no growth hormones, and no animal or fish byproducts fed to the animals. Pasture raised beef, pork, lamb, goat, chicken, duck and goose. Also eggs. Call for a brochure or a farm tour.

Medearis Apiary
Doug Medearis, 10587 Trask Bridge Rd, Pecatonica IL 61063, (815) 494-9972. Jan-Dec, Mon-Sun 8am-6pm. Honey, beeswax candles, beeswax, soap, lip balm, plants. Attend North End Commons Farmers Market and the GPS Farmers Market in Machesney Park susan.medearis@yahoo.com

Oriana’s Oriental Orchard
Oriana Kruszewski, 12329 Basswood, Winslow, IL 61089.
Web: Asianpearfarm.com, Email: asianpearfarm1@gmail.com.
Asian pears, European pear, pawpaw, black walnut and more. Watercress and other oriental vegetables. USDA Organic Certified with MOSA.

Nancy Klehm 9669 North Bellview Road Freeport, IL 61032 (520) 445-4742
Conservation property practicing agroecological methods. Assorted wild foods and medicinal plants, honey, apples, cider, mushrooms, worms, worm castings and biochar.

Plum River Farm
Conrad Iandola & Sonia Nelson. 5886 S. Loran Rd. Pearl City, IL 61062. (815) 443-9908. We sell 100% grassfed, pasture raised beef, by wholes, halves, quarters, or individual cuts. We are open by appointment– please call (815) 443-9908 or email puregrassfedbeef@gmail.com

Ridenour Fine Beef Direct
Eric Ridenour, 8859 West Grove Rd., Forreston, IL 61030. (815) 938-2466.
Beef packages (50-400 lbs.) available & delivered. Call for brochure.

Pristine Produce
Tom and Lynn Kocal, 446 S Broad St, Lanark, IL, 815-275-5418 email: lkocal@pristineproduce.net
Butterhead and romaine lettuce, 2 varieties of kale and tomatoes hydroponically grown indoors with pure nutrients, filtered water, organic seed and lots of TLC. Summertime other produce available. Offerings will be expanded to cucumbers and peppers in the near future.

Rolling Hills Progress Center Orchards
201 W. IL Rt. 64, Lanark, IL 61046. (815) 493-2321. www.rhpcinc.com.
email rhpc@rhpcinc.com 35 varieties of apples plus cider. Developmentally disabled individuals assist in orchard care. Sales July-Oct, M-F, 8-4.

Scotch Hill Farm
Tony & Della Ends, 910 Scotch Hill Rd., Brodhead, WI 53520. (608) 897-4288.
www.scotchhillfarm.com; email scotchhillfarm@wekz.net. Certified organic CSA and organic vegetables. Hand-milled goat milk soap & heritage breeds chickens and eggs. Call for brochure and drop off site information.

Sterling Gardens 
Fred & Charlin Nolan 815-626-6409 Twin city farmers market year round Sat 8-12 spring plants wheatgrass-full line of sustainable produce mushrooms honey – fruit large selection of organic spices

Stone House Herb Company
Beth Nagel 4865 S. Bolton Rd, Shannon, IL 61078. (815) 291-5503
beth@stonehouseherbcompany.com Our web site is www.stonehouseherbcompany.com which includes information about our CSA. Like us on Facebook. Holistically and spiritually grown medicinal, ceremonial, TCM and culinary herbs and herbal products.

John and Sara Sullivan
5257 South Tower Road, Elizabeth, IL 61028, 815-598-3138, 3138. Home grown Vegetables & Fruits. Pasture-based beef, lamb, pork without antibiotics. Illinois Department of Agriculture inspected beef, lamb, pork, sold by individual frozen packages. Phone orders welcomed

Torkelson Cheese
Hwy. 73 North, 9453 W. Louisa Rd., Lena, IL 61048. (815) 369-4265.
www.torkelsoncheese.com. Brick, Muenster, Quesadilla, Apple Jack & Asadero cheese

Willow Garlic Growers
Dan Metzger and Joan Rawce, 6410 S Willow Rd, Stockton, IL 61085 (815) 947-3617
Danmetzger@gmail.com or Joan.Rawcemetzger@gmail.com. Organic garlic (non-certified) with 20 varieties in cultivation – 5 softneck and 15 hardneck varieties.

Wishful Acres Farm and Brewery
Penny & Nate Peterson, 4679 N. Flansburg Rd, Lena, IL 61048. www.WishfulAcresFarm.com. Call 815-990-2380 or wishfulacres@gmail.com for store hours. USDA Certified Organic vegetables, microgreens, hops, some fruits, and herbs. Year-round  growing. CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture) is available. Artisan craft brewery growing. CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture) is available. Artisan craft brewery ported Brewery) will be available. On-farm retail store will open in 2016 with limited hours, and will feature our farm’s produce, farm’s ready-to-eat foods & frozen foods from our commercial kitchen, merchandise, and our farm brewery’s packaged beer (bottles & growler fills).

Wooded Wonderland
John & Ginger Eisbach, 610 S. Devil’s Ladder Rd., Galena, IL 61036. (815) 238-2939 or 777-3426. Organic blueberries, four varieties of high-bush. Chemical free using organic methods. July-August. Call for availability.

Compiled by the Northwest Illinois Audubon Society and the University of Illinois Extension Stephenson County. You can download a PDF of this Local Food list by clicking here.

If you have questions:

Nikki Keltner
Program Coordinator – Stephenson County
University of Illinois Extension
Highland Community College, Bldg R
2998 W Pearl City Rd
Freeport, IL 61032
Phone: 815-235-4125

If you notice any errors or would like to add to this list,
send an email to news@freeportnewsnetwork.com

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