Stephenson County – The 7th Drunkest In Illinois According To New Report

Stephenson County, Illinois – Well, odds are a new report done by listing Stephenson County among one of the top 10 drunkest counties in Illinois may not surprise you too much.

Truth is with breweries popping up all over in recent years, new wineries and special events held in Freeport and the surrounding towns drinking is certainly one of our favorite pastimes.

When you add the stress of life to that along with trying to decide who’s going to be the next President, it’s no wonder we’re not even more drunk than we really are. Bottom line, the land of drinkin certainly knows how to put on a good time. Maybe, a little too well actually.

Looking at County Health Rankings and Roadmaps to determine which counties drink the most, a new report has come out listing Stephenson County as the 7th drunkest county in Illinois, beating out Clinton County, DeKalb County and Will County.

According to the report 23% of people in Stephenson County are excessive or binge drinkers.

Here’s how the rest of the top 10 line up.

1. Effingham County. In Effingham County, 31% of people excessively drink.

2. Monroe County. In Monroe County, 28% of people self-identity as having a binge drinking issue.

3. Randolph County. 27% of people report binge or heavy drinking

4. Washington County. In Washington County, 27% of people report excessive or heavy drinking.

5. Livingston County. 25% of people in Livingston County report excessive drinking or binge drinking.

6. LaSalle County. In LaSalle County, 24% of people report excessive drinking.

7. Stephenson County. 23% of people in Stephenson County are excessive or binge drinkers.

8. Will County. In Will County, 24% of people report excessive or binge drinking

9. DeKalb County. In DeKalb County, 24% of residents report excessive or binge drinking.

10. Clinton County. 23% of people in Clinton County are binge drinkers.

What do you think of this report? Do you agree, disagree? Feel free to chime in your thoughts.

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