Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Man Eats 30,000th Big Mac

A 64-year-old retired Wisconsin prison guard known widely for his brief appearance on the 2004 film Super Size Me just ate his 30,000th Big Mac this past Friday.

Guinness Book of Records holder Don Gorske of Fond du Lac recorded the 30k milestone at a local McDonald’s in the city on May 4th, 2018.



Gorske worked as a correctional officer at Waupun Correctional Institution for 25 years until he retired in May 2011. Gorske says he has eaten at least one Big Mac almost every day since May 1972.

Gorske was officially entered into the Guinness Book of Records after devouring his 28,788th in front of judges, a feat no-one in the world has even come close to surpassing.

“Records to prove my good health are hard to come by. One, I don’t go to a doctor regularly, and two, my wife is a nurse practitioner which is just like living with a doctor.”



National headquarters says, “We are lovin’ Don Gorske’s enthusiasm. Don says this one is a biggie for him, and something he has been looking forward to.

The all-beef patty, with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame-seed bun lover Gorske, gave a half-hour presentation to a crowd, which gathered to watch him take that first bite of his 30,000th Big Mac.



For over four decades, Gorske has gone about eight days total without eating a Big Mac. The first day missed was the hardest, Gorske told the FDL Reporter, which he said was in 1982, when he drove in a snowstorm to get his sandwich, and the restaurant was closed.

“I also made a promise to my mom. She requested I not eat a Big Mac on the day she died, in remembrance of her,” the article notes. That day was April 27, 1988


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