Deer In The Headlights Maybe, But Deer In The Kitchen? What The…

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Great Lady Feeds Fawn Very Touching!Amazing how this woman did this? SHARE!

Posted by Vincent Pangori on Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Here’s what others have to say;

That Deer knows mostly fear but you show caring & love , to get that trust is great! God Bless You !
You are a special lady.

This is just not a good thing to do. While it looks like she is being kind to the deer by feeding it, she is really setting the deer up for harm by making it not fear people. This deer is plenty old enough to survive on its on and does not need to be domesticated. Another year during hunting season this deer will easily be killed by being unafraid of people. People need to leave wild animals “wild” no matter what there inclination is to befriend them.

While it may appear she is helping the deer , in reality she is compromising its natural instincts to survive in the wild on their own for food etc.

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