10 Proposed House Bills That Show How Illinois Government Is Working For You

ILLINOIS — Perhaps you are one of the many citizens of Illinois who wonder what leaders in the state are doing for us on a day to day basis. You know, how they’re helping poverty, job loss, bringing in new business to our state and how they’re all working together to reduce crime.

We wonder the same things too.

So, we thought we’d take a look at some of the trending bills that are being presented in the house to see what some of our leaders might be up to. Here are ten current and active proposed house bills you probably didn’t know about.

Illinois House Bill 1612

Status: Introduced on January 31 2019 – 25% progression
Action: 2019-02-27 – To Local Government Subcommittee

Amends the Counties Code and the Illinois Municipal Code. Provides that county or municipality may not prohibit a private homeowner from gardening on his or her property. Limits home rule powers. Effective immediately.

Rep. Allen Skillicorn [R]
Rep. Maurice West [D]

Illinois House Bill 246

Status: Introduced on January 9 2019 – 25% progression
Action: 2019-03-08 – Added Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Sam Yingling

Amends the School Code. With regard to the textbook block grant program, provides that the textbooks authorized to be purchased must include the roles and contributions of all people protected under the Illinois Human Rights Act and must be non-discriminatory as to any of the characteristics under the Act.

Provides that textbooks purchased with grant funds must be non-discriminatory.

Provides that in public schools only, the teaching of history of the United States shall include a study of the roles and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the history of this country and this State.

Rep. Anna Moeller [D]
Rep. Sara Feigenholtz [D]
Rep. Lamont Robinson [D]
Rep. Sam Yingling [D]
Rep. Theresa Mah [D]
Rep. Joyce Mason [D]
Rep. Daniel Didech [D]
Rep. Jonathan Carroll [D]
Rep. Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz [D]
Rep. Karina Villa [D]
Rep. Ann Williams [D]
Rep. Delia Ramirez [D]
Rep. Mary Edly-Allen [D]
Rep. Anne Stava-Murray [D]
Rep. Kathleen Willis [D]
Rep. Terra Costa Howard [D]
Rep. Bob Morgan [D]
Rep. Robert Martwick [D]
Rep. Deborah Conroy [D]
Rep. Michelle Mussman [D]
Rep. Robyn Gabel [D]
Rep. Aaron Ortiz [D]
Rep. Katie Stuart [D]
Rep. Celina Villanueva [D]
Rep. Gregory Harris [D]
Rep. Linda LaVia [D]
Rep. Kelly Cassidy [D]
Rep. John Connor [D]
Rep. Martin Moylan [D]

Illinois House Bill 3799

Status: Introduced on March 8 2019 – 25% progression
Action: 2019-03-08 – Filed with the Clerk by Rep. Daniel Didech

Creates the State Flag Contest Act. Provides that beginning on or before January 1, 2020, the Secretary of State shall initiate a contest for a new design for the official Illinois State flag. Provides that the Secretary shall create a process for the submission, review, and selection of the new State flag. Provides that any person attending a public university in this State and any Illinois resident 21 years old or younger on the effective date of this Act is eligible to participate in the contest.

Provides for the design of the flag. Creates the State Flag Selection Committee for the purpose of selecting a new Illinois State flag design. Provides that entries for a new State flag design shall be submitted to the Committee for selection in a manner designated by the Secretary.

Provides that upon selection of the winning design, the Legislative Reference Bureau shall prepare for introduction in the General Assembly a bill to replace the current State flag design with the design selected by the Committee.

Provides that the winning design shall become the official State flag of Illinois upon passage of the bill in both houses of the General Assembly and being signed into law by the Governor. Repeals the Act on January 1, 2023.

Rep. Daniel Didech [D]

Illinois Senate Bill 1942

Status: Introduced on February 15 2019 – 25% progression
Action: 2019-03-07 – Added as Co-Sponsor Sen. Emil Jones, III
Pending: Senate Executive Committee

Creates the Reproductive Health Act. Provides that every individual has a fundamental right to make autonomous decisions about one’s own reproductive health.

Provides that every individual who becomes pregnant has a fundamental right to continue the pregnancy and give birth or to have an abortion, and to make autonomous decisions about how to exercise that right.

Provides that a fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent rights under the law, of this State. Provides prohibited State actions.

Provides that a party aggrieved by a violation of the Act may bring a civil lawsuit. Provides that a health care professional shall report each abortion performed to the Department of Public Health. Limits home rule powers.

Repeals provisions regarding abortion in the Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center Act, the Sexual Assault Survivors Emergency Treatment Act, and the Injunction Article of the Code of Civil Procedure.

Repeals the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975, the Partial-birth Abortion Ban Act, and the Abortion Performance Refusal Act. Makes corresponding changes in the Children and Family Services Act, the Counties Code, the Medical Practice Act of 1987, the Vital Records Act, the Criminal Code of 2012, and the Rights of Married Persons Act.

Amends the Freedom of Information Act. Provides that information and records held by the Department collected under the Reproductive Health Act is exempt from inspection and copying. Amends the Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center Act.

Provides that that term “ambulatory surgical treatment center” does not include any facility in which the performance of abortion procedures is limited to those performed without general, epidural, or spinal anesthesia. Amends the Illinois Insurance Code.

Provides insurance requirements for the coverage of abortion. Makes corresponding changes in the State Employees Group Insurance Act, the Health Maintenance Organization Act, and the Voluntary Health Services Plans Act. Amends the Nurse Practice Act.

Provides that operative surgery does not include abortions performed without general, epidural, or spinal anesthesia, and other gynecological procedures related to abortions. Amends the Environmental Act.

Provides that tissue and products from an abortion or miscarriage may be buried, entombed, or cremated. Effective immediately.

Sen. Melinda Bush [D]
Sen. Elgie Sims [D]
Sen. Cristina Castro [D]
Sen. Kimberly Lightford [D]
Sen. Robert Peters [D]
Sen. Omar Aquino [D]
Sen. Don Harmon [D]
Sen. Linda Holmes [D]
Sen. Iris Martinez [D]
Sen. Heather Steans [D]
Sen. Mattie Hunter [D]
Sen. Toi Hutchinson [D]
Sen. Emil Jones [D]

Illinois Senate Bill 1641

Status: Introduced on February 15 2019 – 25% progression
Action: 2019-03-08 – Added as Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Iris Y. Martinez

Amends the Illinois Public Aid Code. Requires the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) to identify and flag college students who are potentially eligible to receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

Provides that the factors to be used to determine potential SNAP eligibility shall be prescribed by ISAC in consultation with the Department of Human Services, but at a minimum shall include income information reported on a college student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Requires ISAC, in consultation with the Department of Human Services, to develop a notice that ISAC shall make available electronically to institutions of higher education that includes, at a minimum, college student SNAP eligibility criteria, the Application for Benefits Eligibility’s website address, and the Illinois Hunger Coalition’s Hunger Hotline.

Requires Illinois institutions of higher education that participate in the Monetary Award Program to provide the notice in writing to all students who are enrolled or accepted for enrollment and are identified by ISAC as potentially SNAP eligible. Requires ISAC to adopt rules. Effective immediately.

Sen. Robert Peters [D]
Sen. Kimberly Lightford [D]
Sen. John Curran [R]
Sen. Iris Martinez [D]
Sen. Laura Fine [D]
Sen. Mattie Hunter [D]
Sen. Elgie Sims [D]

Illinois Senate Bill 1532

Status: Introduced on February 15 2019 – 25% progression
Action: 2019-02-27 – Assigned to Environment and Conservation
Pending: Senate Environment and Conservation Committee

Creates the Reduction of Lead Service Lines Act. Requires community water supplies to identify and replace all lead service lines that connect to a water main. Provides that every community water supply in Illinois that has known lead service lines shall create a plan, to be submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency for approval, to replace all lead service lines and galvanized service lines if the service line is or was connected to lead piping.

Provides that, within legal bounds, a community water supply shall have the authority to access private property and private residences for the sole purpose of identifying or replacing lead service lines or galvanized service lines. Provides that no person shall replace a portion of a lead service line without replacing the entirety of the line at the same time, except in cases of emergency repair.

Amends the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois. Requires the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to establish a comprehensive low-income water assistance policy and program. Amends the Public Utilities Act.

Removes references to unaccounted-for water and replaces them with references to nonrevenue water. Provides that the Illinois Commerce Commission may allow or direct a water utility to establish a customer assistance program.

Provides that certain entities that serve or provide water or sewer services shall prepare a summary of the cost of service for a given calendar year. Effective immediately.

Sen. Heather Steans [D]
Sen. Jacqueline Collins [D]
Sen. Laura Fine [D]

Illinois House Bill 2504

Status: Introduced on February 13 2019 – 25% progression
Action: 2019-03-11 – House Committee Amendment No. 1 Referred to Rules Committee
Pending: House Rules Committee

Amends the Personnel Record Review Act. Provides that, except as otherwise specified, an employer shall delete disciplinary reports, letters of reprimand, or other records of disciplinary action that are more than 10 (rather than 4) years old.

Rep. Maurice West [D]

Illinois House Resolution 61

Status: Introduced on January 29 2019 – 25% progression
Action: 2019-02-14 – Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia
Pending: House Energy & Environment Committee

Calls on the United States to develop a policy that it will not be the first to use nuclear weapons.

Rep. Carol Ammons [D]
Rep. Linda LaVia [D]

Illinois Senate Bill 39

Status: Introduced on January 10 2019 – 25% progression
Action: 2019-03-07 – Placed on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading March 12, 2019

Amends the Property Tax Code. Creates a homestead exemption in the amount of a reduction of $5,000 from the equalized assessed value of property of police officers and firefighters with duty-related disabilities. Effective immediately.

Sen. John Mulroe [D]
Sen. William Cunningham [D]
Sen. Antonio Munoz [D]
Sen. Rachelle Crowe [D]
Sen. Laura Fine [D]
Sen. Michael Hastings [D]
Sen. Julie Morrison [D]

Illinois House Bill 2604

Status: Introduced on February 14 2019 – 25% progression
Action: 2019-03-11 – Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Delia C. Ramirez
Pending: House Labor & Commerce Committee

Creates the Safe Patient Limits Act. Provides the maximum number of patients that may be assigned to a registered nurse in specified situations.

Provides that nothing shall preclude a facility from assigning fewer patients to a registered nurse than the limits provided in Act. Provides that nothing in the Act precludes the use of patient acuity systems consistent with the Nurse Staffing by Patient Acuity Act; however, the maximum patient assignments in the Act may not be exceeded, regardless of the use and application of any patient acuity system.

Provides that the Department of Public Health shall adopt rules governing the implementation and operation of the Act. Provides that all facilities shall adopt written policies and procedures for training and orientation of nursing staff and that no registered nurse shall be assigned to a nursing unit or clinical area unless that nurse has, among other things, demonstrated competence in providing care in that area.

Provides that the written policies and procedures for the training and orientation of nursing staff shall require that all temporary personnel receive the same amount and type of training and orientation that is required for permanent staff. Provides that the Act’s provisions are severable.

Rep. Fred Crespo [D]
Rep. Kelly Cassidy [D]
Rep. Natalie Manley [D]
Rep. Anne Stava-Murray [D]
Rep. Delia Ramirez [D]

You can view more bills here.


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