Chesney Calls On Madigan To Resign

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — State Representative Andrew Chesney (R-Freeport) called on Speaker Michael Madigan to “resign from the General Assembly or be removed.”

In the wake of ongoing federal investigations surrounding state and municipal governments that ultimately saw the resignation of several legislators, Rep. Andrew Chesney led the charge in sponsoring a package of bills aimed at ensuring Illinois has among the most stringent ethics laws in the nation this Spring.

Chesney proposed fining members of the Illinois General Assembly who are found guilty of a felony committed in his or her official capacity as a member of the General Assembly a minimum fine of $100,000 (House Bill 4085). He further proposed prohibiting a political committee from making expenditures for payments to attorneys, expert witnesses, investigators, or others to provide a defense in a criminal case (House Bill 4087). To date, Speaker Madigan has reportedly already spent $2.66 million in campaign funds on legal fees, or, according to Capitol Fax, 21% of the total legal/attorney/lawyer fees since late July of 2017 by all state and local candidate and political committee in Illinois combined.

“There are too many ethical lapses, costing taxpayers too much money, to ignore,” said State Representative Andrew Chesney. “We are all paying a gigantic corruption tax in Illinois and it is quite simply driving us broke. Madigan must resign from the General Assembly or be removed.”

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