Chesney sees small-business as harbingers of state progress

Freeport, Illinois — Andrew Chesney knows the worth of what he’s selling.

“Small business is the heartbeat of our district and the state,” Chesney told the NW Illinois News“Small business owners know the inner workings of business and what works. They know what keeps the state and economy moving forward. That they have confidence in me is critically important.”

The Republican candidate has recently endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business Illinois  PAC (NFIB) in his run against Democrat Nick Hyde in the 89th House District.

Billed as the “largest small business advocacy and association in Illinois and the nation,” NFIB officials recently made Chesney aware of their thinking in a letter that “we need you to work for rational economic policies.”

The alliance makes sense in every way, Chesney said.

“We agree on tax policy and that small business owners now are actually overtaxed,” he said. “I will vote to lower taxes for them and overall. We also line up on regulations and the fact that we are an overregulated state. Workmen’s compensation is also out of control and we agree that we can protect workers while allowing businesses to still flourish.”

It seems small business owners are being pulled in every direction with longtime House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) serving as the grand puppeteer, Chesney said.

“Mike Madigan needs to go,” Chesney said. “He has turned the state into a place so imperiled it would be difficult to make the needed strides without new leadership in Springfield. Look around you, were being outperformed by all our border states. It’s because of the dangerous policies put forth by Speaker Madigan. My opponent is the same. He’s not even a mainstream Democrat and embodies a lot of those same dangerous principles.”

The 89th House District includes parts or all of Jo Daviess, Stephenson, Winnebago, Carroll, Ogle and Whiteside counties.


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