City of Freeport Recognizes ‘Mark McLeRoy’ With An Honorary Resolution

Freeport, Illinois — Last night at the beginning of Freeport’s city council meeting the city of Freeport recognized former five term Mayor of the city of Freeport, Mark B. McLeRoy with an Honorary Resolution.

Present were Freeport’s city council, public department heads, current Mayor Jim Gitz along with McLeRoy’s immediate family who heard the proclamation read by city clerk Meg Zuravel. “This is an honorary resolution to recognize Mark B. McLeRoy for his dedicated service to the people of Freeport…”

The resolution for the Honorable Mayor Mark B. McLeRoy recognized McLeRoy’s achievements and milestones accomplished for the people throughout his lifetime in the city.

McLeRoy served a record five terms as Mayor of Freeport, Illinois from 1969-1989, he was Alderman of the 7th Ward for 8 years, served on the Stephenson County Board and was on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Municipal league from 1973-1989 serving as President from 1982-1983.

The city of Freeport also honored McLeRoy’s contribution to our youth recognizing him as a founding member of Freeport little league and long time civic leader saying of McLeRoy’s life, “whose contributions will continue to be a part of the enduring legacy”.

In closing, Zuravel read;

“Now, therefore be it resolved by the Mayor and the City Council of the city of Freeport, Illinois that we extend our deepest sympathies to the family of Mark B. McLeRoy upon his passing and hereby recognize the former Mayor for his accomplishments and express our appreciation for Mark B. McLeRoy many years of service in public and private life to the people of Freeport.”

After the Honorary Resolution was read, a congested Mayor Gitz addressed the family.

“We’re very honored to have you here today and it is with a heavy heart that we offer this resolution as a small token of the esteem in which your husband and your Father is held in.”

“I hope that in some small way, this can serve as a way of showing that this community appreciates all that has gone before us, in recognition that it lays the foundation for all that is in the future.”

After receiving the Honorary Resolution, his wife of 62 years, Shirley asked to speak to the council, Mayor and people of Freeport.

“Your honor, Mayor Gitz and members of the city council, we have been overwhelmed by all of the tributes, acts of kindness and the support shown to us since Mark’s passing.”

“We cannot begin to adequately show our appreciation for all of your expressions of gratitude and the recognition given for Mark’s contribution to this community.”

“He truly loved Freeport and its residents. Thank you so very much for this honor we are accepting on his behalf. We will miss him terribly.”

“He mentioned the day he was dying that he loved Freeport. He loved Freeport and it seemed Freeport loved him.”

She finished by saying, “thank you very much for all your kindness”.

Mark McLeRoy was 90 years old.



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