Congresswoman Miller: Democrats’ Focus On Husband Meant To Silence All Conservative Christians

ILLINOIS — A Republican congresswoman is defending her state lawmaker husband from what she says are attacks full of lies about the Jan. 6 capitol riots. Illinois Democrats are demanding an investigation.

Hundreds of thousands of people were in Washington D.C. Jan. 6 when the U.S. Congress was certifying the presidential election. A riot then ensued at the capitol building. Hundreds of people face criminal charges because of the violence and trespassing.

Video and other images on social media show state Rep. Chris Miller, R-Oakland, was in Washington D.C. Jan. 6 attending rallies. Pictures also show a truck purportedly owned by Miller with a decal for a group called The Three Percenters.

State Rep. Bob Morgan, D-Deerfield, filed House Resolution 132 condemning Miller and claims he violated his oath of office. It has the support of 35 other Democrats, including House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch, D-Hillside.

“Miller participated, and publicly promoted his role, in a rally that led to a violent insurrection of the Capitol of the United States of America, which resulted in the death of United States citizens, including members of law enforcement,” the resolution says. Miller “has continued to publicly support The Three Percenters, a para-military, anti-government hate group identified by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center as having the goal of overthrowing the United States government through violent revolutionary tactics.”

Miller couldn’t be reached for comment.

U.S. Rep. Mary Miller, R-Oakland, told WMAY Wednesday her husband was nowhere near the riot, and they do not condone violence.

“He attended with constituents the rally,” Miller said. “It never crossed his mind once to be violent. We don’t advocate violence. We stand for rule of law and anybody that was violent or broke the law should be arrested and prosecuted, but he had nothing to do with that.”

In an interview, Morgan said that will be for the Legislative Inspector General to determine.

“I’ll let the inspector general look into exactly what role Representative Miller did or didn’t have on Jan. 6 and I think at this point we’re beyond any number of explanations or excuses that we’ve heard over the last month and a half,” Morgan said.

The Millers’ rhetoric has to be put in check, Morgan insisted.

“If we don’t take actions to make sure that doesn’t get repeated, I’m sure Congresswoman Miller will be at the next rally and Representative Miller will continue to talk about others as terrorists or the enemy,” Morgan said.

The congresswoman said Morgan’s resolution is the latest in a series of increased targeting from Democrats.

“The attack is not just on him or on me, but it’s on all of my colleagues, we are all getting vile, vile messages and death threats,” Miller said. “They’re misrepresenting and lying about us, taking things out of context.”

It’s not just elected Republicans Miller said Democrats are going after.

“Their goal is to scare conservative Christians, especially, to be quiet and don’t get involved,” Miller said. “And I can say they may be coming for us today but they’ll be coming for you tomorrow. And I want to tell everybody to grow a backbone and get involved and speak up.”

The Center Square – Greg Bishop

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