Does The Government Shutdown Show Private Sector Is Better?

With the government shutdown now the longest it has ever been, since the beginning major news networks such as The Washington Post have inundated us with news of the “shutdown’s pain.” John Stossel says, wait a second.


While the government shutdown is a problem for some 400,000 furloughed workers, and another 400,000 working without pay for now, Stossel reports they will get paid. Even for all the time they’ve had off.

“Looking around America, everything seems pretty normal” Stossel says. “Life goes on. Kids still play and learn, adults still work, stock prices have actually increased during the shutdown. It’s hardly the end of the world.”

Stossel reports how Times columnist Paul Krugman called it “Trump’s big libertarian experiment” but says Libertarians want to permanently cut government, not shut down parts for a few weeks and then pay the workers anyway.

He points out the Government stopped collecting trash and cleaning up public parks in DC, so volunteers stepped in to pick up trash.

That farmers don’t get their “support” checks during the shutdown but asks — why should they get checks at all?

Even airport security. TSA workers aren’t getting paid. Stossel reports how some airports (San Francisco, Orlando, Kansas City, and 19 others) privatized security. Those workers are still getting paid. They also do a better job.



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