Local, Regional And National Ballot Measure Highlights

Republicans Control The Senate.
Democrats Control The House.

J.B. spent $171 million to get a $177k a year job as Illinois Governor.

Of the 32 items total on the ballot in Stephenson County, 16 of them were uncontested races.

The city of Freeport voted to have a hired City Treasurer versus an elected City Treasurer.

3,699 voters said NO to the Freeport Park District renovation of the Auditorium at Oakdale Nature Preserve. 3,499 said YES. (UNSURE IF THIS IS CALLED)

Voters said yes that the State of Illinois should pursue reinstating Amtrak passenger rail service to northwest Illinois from Chicago, through Rockford, to East Dubuque.

Voters said YES to Village of Dakota on imposing a 1% sales tax for infrastructure improvements.

Harlem-Roscoe Fire Protection District authorized to levy a new tax for firefighters’ pension.

New Milford voted the maximum allowable tax rate for the New Milford Fire Protection District be increased from .305% to .40%.

Prohibition ends in the Village of Winnebago. Voters said prohibition of the sale at retail of alcoholic liquor should NOT be continued.

Alabama authorized the display of the Ten Commandments on state, public and school grounds, prohibiting the spending of public funds to defend the constitutionality of this amendment.

Alabama Recognized Fetal Rights.

Arkansas voters now have to present valid photographic identification when voting in person or casting an absentee ballot .

Florida restored the voting rights to felons not convicted of murder or a sexual offense after completing their sentences, including parole or probation.

Maryland Authorized the General Assembly to pass legislation that allows for qualified individuals to register and vote at a precinct on Election Day.

Massachusetts kept the 2016 law that added gender identity as part of laws that prohibit discrimination (with race, religion, sex, disability, etc.) in public areas, including bathrooms. The law requires any place with separate areas for men and women allow full access for a person based on their gender identity.

Michigan voted to Allow Recreational Marijuana. Michigan individuals 21 years and older can use marijuana recreationally, grow up to 12 plants for personal consumption, imposes 10-ounce limit.

Oregon voted to prohibit using public funds to be used directly or indirectly for abortions or health plans/insurance covering abortion.

Utah voted to allow use of medical marijuana for certain illnesses. Some users will be allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants for personal medical use. Authorizes facilities to grow and sell medical marijuana.

West Virginia voted to amend the West Virginia Constitution to clarify it does not secure or protect abortion rights or require funding for them. Medicaid funds would no longer be allowed to be used for abortions.


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