With Huge Memorial Day Sales Pitch, Illinois Democrats Pass Progressive Tax Blowout

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — With a huge Memorial Day sales pitch, Illinois Democrats passed a progressive tax blowout along partisan lines, with no Republicans supporting their tax-and-spend scheme pushed forward while most Illinoisans enjoyed a long Holiday weekend.

State Representative Andrew Chesney (R-Freeport) spoke out against the $3.4 billion revenue -raising proposal on the Illinois House floor, “For somebody making $10,000, you will give them a tax break of $6.67. That cannot even buy a Jimmy John’s sandwich. Congratulations. Way to fight for the middle class!”

“For someone making $100,000 or less, $37.75 in relief; which does not even fund a tank of gas. Way to work for the middle class,” Chesney continued. “Is the voice of the middle-class not being heard?”

“Illinois’ net tax burden is the highest in the United States. We are bleeding jobs, population, and representation because of this population loss, and Illinois Democrats just decided to change our tax structure to attempt to raise income taxes once again with a bevy of additional taxes to be voted on in the coming week,” said Rep. Chesney in reaction to the debate. “It’s no wonder so many Illinoisans have grown so weary of this tax-and-spend mentality and simply choose to leave our state rather than wait to be taxed out of it.”

Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 1 (SJRCA 1) passed in the Illinois House by a vote of 73-44-0 and will now be sent to Governor Pritzker, who has given early commitment to sign the bill, fulfilling a major campaign promise to pass progressive taxes. The actual tax rates will be left to agreement of Governor Pritzker, Speaker Mike Madigan, and Senate President John Cullerton and will not be part of the language voted on by voters in the 2020 General Election, per the proposal passed by Illinois Democrats.

Video will be available of Rep. Chesney’s portion of the floor debate on SJRCA 1 at repchesney.com.


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