Illinois Mileage Tax Proposal House Bill 2864 Dropped

ILLINOIS — Chicago Democrat Marcus Evans last week filed House Bill 2864, establishing a pilot program for a 2.1-cent tax on every mile a vehicle is driven on state roads.

Evans dropped the bill Tuesday, saying he wanted to send the message that he’s not going to bring it back this session. “But if someone else wants to find a creative way to do that, then they can,” Evans said.

The bill would’ve created a pilot program where anyone interested could have a meter installed in their car to measure mileage. The bill would have amended the Motor Fuel Tax Law by providing registered owners of a motor vehicle the option to pay a $0.021 per-mile road usage charge, in lieu of the taxes imposed under the Motor Fuel Tax Law.  The driver would be taxed on miles driven instead of gas used. A spokesperson for the bill’s sponsor, State Rep. Marcus Evans, D-Chicago, said the proposal could be reintroduced in some form at a later date.


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