Illinois Republican Party Says Nick Hyde Campaign Committee Officials Using Taxpayer Resources for Campaign Work on Government Time

Galena, Illinois — According to the Illinois GOP, public documents show that on 12 separate occasions, during taxpayer funded working hours, Mary Beth Hyde, the elected Galena City Clerk who also serves as campaign treasurer for Nick Hyde, Democrat candidate for state representative in the 89th district, used city owned equipment and public resources paid for by taxpayers to send and receive partisan campaign communications in violation of state law.

Hyde, of Galena, seeks to represent Illinois House of Representatives District 89, which covers all of Jo Daviess and Stephenson counties and parts of Winnebago and Carroll counties. Illinois Republican Party Executive Director Travis Sterling said for the Nick Hyde campaign to be so blatant in their disregard for State Ethics Law is shocking.

“Taxpayers and voters shouldn’t tolerate it. Anyone can go to the State Board of Elections website and see these faxed reports, clearly stamped ‘City of Galena’ on the top along with City Clerk Hyde’s official fax number.”

“It’s no wonder Republicans have felt outgunned in this state when Democrat campaigns are being run out of government offices, Sterling went on to say”

In an article released earlier today in the Telegraph Herald, it says the news organization reached Hyde by phone, shortly after the Illinois Republican Party issued the press release about the complaint. According to the article Hyde said he hadn’t yet had a chance to look at the document and couldn’t immediately provide comment. The article goes on to say Hyde had told the Telegraph Herald he would call back to discuss the matter. According to the Telegraph Herald he did not, and repeated attempts to reach him later in the day were unsuccessful.

The Illinois GOP says in their release that documented phone records and pay records obtained by open source information found on the Internet, and from the City of Galena through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests confirm the campaigning on City time using taxpayer resources.

“As the official keeper of the City’s Ordinances, I would hope Clerk Mary Beth Hyde takes the time to look up Galena City Ordinance 36.70 (A), the Illinois State Official and Employees Ethics Act, which prohibits the very type of activity she has engaged in on behalf of the Nick Hyde campaign,” Sterling concluded.

The Illinois State Board of Elections and the Jo Davies State’s Attorney Office have been notified, the release stated.

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