Meet The Candidates For Mayor of the City of Freeport, Illinois

Freeport, Illinois — It is important to us that the citizens of Freeport are afforded the opportunity to get to know our leaders and potential leaders, up close and personal.

Knowing where candidates stand on issues, what their plans are for the city, their experiences they bring to the office and how they are able to work with other leaders to help make Freeport move upward in all areas of the city, is crucial for each citizen to know.

Often, politics are muddy. Knowing all the candidates and having an equal opportunity to hear from all candidates address the same issues of the day, is rare. We don’t think it has to be, nor should be.

Additionally, this election marks a historic time in Freeport’s history.

For the first time ever, Freeport will elect its first part time Mayor. With the advent of the change in city government to a city manager form of government, choosing the right Mayor may never see a more important time for Freeport.

In light, we sat down with each of the candidates currently running for the office of Mayor of the city of Freeport, Illinois and over the next week, we will begin to bring you our exclusive up close interviews with each of these local candidates.

In our interviews, we asked each candidate ten questions.

The following are the ten questions we asked.

1. Give us a little background about you, the person.
2. What are your current ties to the community. (Business, groups, organizations or other political offices held)
3. What in your opinion are Freeport’s strengths currently.
4. How do you view the current state of the city? Economy, Infrastructure, Citizen Morale, Safety, Employment, Tourism.
5. With a complete change in our local city government to a new City Manager city government, do you see challenges ahead for Freeport?
6. With City Manager, the Mayor’s role is reduced. How do you see your role as Mayor working with the community, City Council and the yet to be named City Manager?
7. What in your opinion are areas Freeport needs to work on, in and outside city government?
8. Do you have a vision for Freeport? What is your vision for Freeport?
9. If you could create the (almost) “perfect” Freeport, what would it look like?
10. What separates you? Why should citizens of the community choose you for Freeport’s Mayor.

You Can Watch Our Special Series With
The Candidates for Mayor of Freeport Here.

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