New Illinois Bill To Allow Transgender To Change Gender On Official Documents Without Surgery

Springfield, Illinois – If you ever want to know why our country (and our State) just never seems to get the right things done for our people, here’s why. Now, before you start penning that hate letter, we’ll gladly tell you that we personally, have no problem what you believe yourself to be. We do know some people are absolutely born in the wrong gender. Just like some people are born with three fingers on each hand, two hearts or connected physically to a sibling, life does make mistakes.

It’s just, with the state of our nation, our state itself and so many cities across America hurting, is this really the issue of our day? Even if you’re transgender, is this really what plagues us, hurts us from moving forward, provides jobs, a better way of life, better cities, reduces crime or accomplishes anything for the people overall in our county? Whether you’re “legally” considered a girl or a boy?

Well, Illinois lawmakers gave initial approval to a measure that would allow transgender people to change the gender marker on their birth certificates, passports, and identification cards WITHOUT first undergoing surgery.

Currently, people must first undergo surgery before changing their gender on documents, but the bill that came out of a House committee Tuesday removes that requirement. The proposal now goes to the full chamber for consideration.

The American Civil Liberties Union in Illinois says such changes without surgery are already allowed in 12 states and under federal law.


One thought on “New Illinois Bill To Allow Transgender To Change Gender On Official Documents Without Surgery

  • April 7, 2017 at 11:45 pm

    That is not a good idea, so now someone can just change it to female even if they are not transgender and still a man? This can cause a lot of problems.

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