President Trump To Rally In Wisconsin Monday, Taunt ‘No-Show’ Dems

President Donald Trump is not being subtle with his next rally in Wisconsin.

The president late Wednesday announced a rally for next Monday, most likely in Oshkosh.

Monday was supposed to be the day Democrats started their convention in Milwaukee. That convention will now be almost entirely online, and Joe Biden will not come to Milwaukee in person.

The president Wednesday taunted Biden on Facebook Live.

“As you know, Joe Biden refuses to come to Wisconsin next week for his own convention,” the president said. “Now maybe after he hears about this call he will.”

The president said he will be in Wisconsin, but the Democratic ticket won’t even “pay the respect of making a stopover.”

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler tried to brush off the president’s visit. 

Trump’s upcoming Wisconsin photo-op, like his disastrous LaFayette Park photo-op, will be a reminder of his utterly failed presidency at a moment when Democrats are celebrating the opportunity for something better,” Wikler said in a statement, referencing the president’s June 1 appearance at St. John’s Church in Washington during the George Floyd protests. “While Trump poses in Oshkosh, the nation will see Democrats speak at the COVID-safe virtual Milwaukee convention about Joe Biden’s uniting vision for America.”

Trump’s campaign did not release the specific details about Monday’s rally.

The Center Square – Benjamin Yount

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