Proposed Illinois Legislation Would Make It A Crime To Report Certain Crimes

ILLINOIS — Illinois lawmakers are debating restrictions on whether a landlord can report a tenant who is living in the country illegally to authorities.

State Sen. Christina Castro introduced a bill last session to prevent illegal alien reporting. It passed both houses but was vetoed by Rauner. Rauner said the bill would violate U.S. laws about blocking federal agencies.

With a new governor Sen. Castro is back at it.

Under her proposed Illinois law, it will be a crime to report certain crimes and if passed, the bill would allow a tenant to sue their landlord for up to $2,000 in civil court.

Creates the Immigrant Tenant Protection Act. Defines terms. Provides that, with exceptions, a landlord shall not require disclosure of, disclose, intimidate, harass, or evict a tenant on the basis of a person’s immigration or citizenship status.

Please consider Illinois Legislation Would Ban Landlords from Reporting Tenants to Immigration Officials.
“This bill is to allow our immigrant communities to feel safe and not retaliated against based on what their immigration status is,” she said.

Sen. Dale Righter, R-Mattoon, said the bill entirely blocks landlords from reporting illegal immigrants to the authorities.

“You are telling your landlords ‘no, you can’t say a word to anyone in law enforcement about that individual,’” he said. “Is there any other area that you can think of in state policy where you would so tie a landlord’s hands?”

Illegal aliens are here illegally, by definition.

In the twisted minds of some, it is “discrimination” to report crimes to authorities.

California has a law that prohibits landlords from even asking tenants about their immigration status. There’s also an effort in Washington D.C. to charge a landlord guilty of reporting a tenant to immigration with felony extortion.

Some say the Illinois law has little bite though.

“For starters, how would anyone even know who reported the tenant to authorities. Secondly, the landlord could have a third party do the reporting. Third, the fine is a mere $2,000 and the illegal alien would have to initiate a lawsuit”, Mike Shedlock says.

He points out that even as a public service against clearly unconstitutional laws, WikiHow explains How to Report Illegal Immigrants Anonymously.

It isn’t the only bill State Sen. Christina Castro has her name on either.

SB1166 amends the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois. Provides that, except as otherwise provided by law, no department shall deny an occupational or professional license based solely on the applicant’s citizenship status or immigration status. Amends the Illinois Explosives Act to allow a person admitted for permanent residence to qualify for licensure.

SB1429 amends the Evidence Article of the Code of Civil Procedure. Provides that evidence of a person’s immigration status is not admissible in any civil proceeding.

SB1290 creates the Immigrant Tenant Protection Act, above.

The bill now awaits House consideration.



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One thought on “Proposed Illinois Legislation Would Make It A Crime To Report Certain Crimes

  • April 24, 2019 at 8:06 pm

    Just when you think you have seen it or heard it all…..oh hell yes, let’s give the illegal immigrants rights over your fellow Illinoisans. Deal with OUR priorities (as you promised when you were campaigning—I say lying—for a vote). And you wonder why we don’t trust politicians. I’m a “downstater” and have been screwed time & time again. Some people don’t even complain anymore. They are becoming numb because it is a commonoccurrence. AND THAT IS FUCKING SAD!!!!!! MADIGAN (💩) NEEDS TO GET THE HELL OUT. He wore out his welcome 40 years ago. Just 2 more words & I’m done….TERM LIMITS! 🤬🖕


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