Single License Plate For Illinois Vehicle Owners? Maybe, But Probably Not

ILLINOIS — With an estimated savings to Illinois at $800,000 in license plate production costs House Bill 1623 proposes Illinois vehicles be required to have only one license plate beginning with the next registration year after the effective date of the bill, if approved.

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The license plate would be put on the rear of the car. There are 19 other states and Puerto Rico who have implemented a single license plate law.

Press secretary for the Secretary of State Jesse White, said the office maintains its support for a two-plate system.

“Pretty much every session, someone has submitted a bill,” he said. “I don’t know (that) it has gone very far.”

Criticism for the bill considers the ability for police officers to identify vehicles by both a front and back license plate. If an officer is out on the street, they have an increased chance of catching someone’s license plate number if they can see it from both sides.

State Rep. Allen Skillicorn, R-East Dundee, who sponsored the bill, said the bill is gaining support from both Illinois citizens and car dealerships.

“The car dealerships are very much in favor of it because it saves time and money installing the plate,” Skillicorn said. “But mostly it’s citizen-driven.”

House Bill 1623 amends the Illinois Vehicle Code and provides that, beginning with the next registration year after the effective date in which the Secretary of State distributes newly designed standard registration plates for motor vehicles, the Secretary of State shall issue one registration plate (instead of 2) for newly registered motor vehicles and the registration plate shall be attached to the rear (instead of front and rear) of the motor vehicle

States that currently have a one license plate law are:

Alabama; Arizona; Arkansas; Delaware; Florida; Georgia; Indiana; Kansas; Kentucky; Louisiana; Michigan; Mississippi; New Mexico; North Carolina; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; South Carolina; Tennessee and West Virginia.



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