View City of Freeport Budget and City Appropriations For 2018-2019

Freeport, Illinois — Each year, the City prepares an annual budget that accounts for revenue from taxes and other sources and sets forth a plan for how the City intends to utilize those resources over the course of the following year. In accordance with the State of Illinois Municipal Code, the City produces a balanced budget, meaning that its appropriated expenditures do not exceed the amount of resources it estimates will be available for that year.

In the city of Freeport there will be a public hearing on April 16th, 2018 prior to the city council meeting for those who wish to comment on this years city budget. The city plans on adopting this years budget at the April 16th meeting.

Budget and Tourism discussion at city council

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Revenue discussion at city council

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City appropriations discussion at city council 

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City Budget – (get the pdf here)

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Appropriations – (get the pdf here)

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