William Hadley Reelected To 5th Consecutive Term As Chairman Of The Stephenson County Board

STEPHENSON COUNTY, ILLINOIS — The statutorily required reorganization meeting of the Stephenson County Board was held on Monday December 7th, 2020 at 6:30 PM at the Stephenson County Courthouse in Freeport, where William Hadley [R – District E] was reelected to his fifth consecutive term as Chairman by a 20-1 vote.

During the nomination process, Board Member Andy Schroeder [R – District G] said “The last two years this Board was faced with many challenges and Mr. Hadley proved that he has the skill, wisdom, and leadership ability to navigate any situation; even an unprecedented health-care crisis such as we were faced with this year.”

Following the election of Chairman Hadley, the Board voted 17-4 to retain Board Member Samuel Newton [D – District B] as Vice-Chairman.

Also, at this meeting, the following incumbent Board members were sworn-in for another two- year term: Ronnie Bush [D – District B], Rebecca Quiggle [R – District C], Charles Hilton [D – District D], William Hadley [R – District E], Scott Helms [R – District I], Steve Fricke [R – District J], and Mark Diddens [District – K].

Additionally, the following new members of the Board were sworn-in for two-year terms: Ed Schau [R – District F], Rebecca Oblak [R – District G], Larry Jogerst [R – District H], and Garrett Miller [R – District L].

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