Working Meeting To Be Held To Stop Demolition of 100 Year Old Landmark – Freeport City Hall

Freeport – Freeport City Council is getting cost estimates to Demolish Freeport City Hall. On December 9th, 2015 you are invited to come to a working meeting to discuss stopping the demolishing of a one-hundred-year-old landmark in Freeport. The meeting will be held at the Freeport Public Library from 6 – 7:30.

On November 9th, the Freeport City Council voted unanimously to get bids for the cost of razing the 116 year old City Hall Building at 230 Stephenson St. This vote was led by Alderman Klemm and Alderman Koester. The city’s 2014 survey showed over 70% those interviewed oppose demolition. Testimony given by many experts explained how restoration would result in the economic revitalization Freeport and the downtown area.

In 2011, more than 700 postcards were signed by people in Freeport telling council members to save the building. Not only is this building structurally sound, and the last historic government building left in Freeport, it is accessible; has a beautiful Council Chamber and ample space to accommodate City Services. The ultimate irony of this short-sighted bid is that the money that has been spent to date studying the building, surveying people, and convening committees would have gone a long way to investing in doing the needed repairs to the landmark.

If you would like to stop this action you can help by writing letters, getting people to council meetings, and talking to city staff, the mayor, and council members. In 1974 the historic Stephenson County Courthouse was demolished.

Call your representative today using the following: Again, the meeting is on December 9th, 2015 at the Freeport Public Library from 6 – 7:30.

1st Tom Klemm 1016 Bertram Drive, Freeport 815-233-1245
2nd Peter McClanathan 1908 W Laurel, Freeport 815-238-7284
3rd Art Ross 32 S. Hooker, Freeport 815-541-5621
4th Jodi Miller 304 N. Willow, Freeport 815-541-8630
5th Patrick Busker
6th Sally Brashaw 1116 S. Stewart, Freeport 815-499-7400
7th Mike Koester 533 West Avon, Freeport 815-238-495
8 At Large Andrew Chesney 960 Woodside Terrace, Freeport 815-275-4343

Kathleen F. Wilken provided this article.

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